Add Reiki To Your Health Regimen

If you want to do all you can for optimal health, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and allow the wonderful world of Reiki to align your energy field. Reiki is an alternative healing method that is becoming more and more popular. It originated in the 1800’s by a Buddhist monk who knew a great deal about energy and how people could be healed of certain pains and ailments by reducing energy blockages in their bodies.

Reiki simply means energy and everything in the universe is made up of energy- including you. Yes, at your very core you are made up of little vibrating pieces of energy. Reiki practitioners study the flow of energy from a higher dimension and learn how to tap into that energy and let it flow into people who need healed or simply want to align their energy fields.

How is Reiki done?

A Reiki practitioner usually has an office set up where clients come in for a session or multiple sessions. Reiki is completely safe and has no harmful side effects. It is considered an alternative form of healing therapy because it is not like mainstream medicine. Once you are in the office, the Reiki professional will ask you questions about your condition, stress levels, etc. You will lie down on a table with your clothes on and receive a Reiki treatment. This basically consists of the Reiki practitioner placing his hands very close to your body and moving them from head to toe slowly. He may sense that one area needs more attention than others and hover over that area. He is basically just transferring energy to you utilizing his hands. Most sessions take about 45 minutes to one hour. There may be light, relaxing music playing in the background. You ought to feel very relaxed while the Reiki session is going on.

How does it make you feel?

Many people who receive Reiki treatments report that they feel super relaxed, lighter, and happier when the session is over. Some people report less pain or no pain at all. Reiki is known as a spiritual healing technique and draws all sorts of people sick with various illnesses. It is common for those battling major sickness and disease to see their primary care physician and Reiki practitioner in order to get treatment in the natural and spiritual realms.

Emotional health

People who suffer with emotional issues like anger, depression, anxiety, and fear have had good success with Reiki in minimizing or eliminating symptoms all together. Sometimes through negative thinking and repressed feelings, energy can get blocked in the mind and cause negative emotions. Reiki can unblock the flow of energy and help people to feel free and happy.

You can become a Reiki practitioner by studying under a Reiki Master. It does not take a long time and is well worth the time investment. You can practice Reiki healing on yourself, those near you, and those who are not in your vicinity through distant Reiki healing. People are interested in alternative ways of healing and staying healthy, so Reiki practices should continue to increase.